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What's new?
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Thursday, 30 July 2009


The Daily Mash do it yet again. Thanks to David Mace for pointing this out to me. Intriguing case in point that they seem to think Tokyo is a "super strength lager"...

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A NEW range of boutique 18% lagers are becoming the drink of choice for sophisticated urban professionals who really like a fight.

It goes really well with tiramisu and bits of tooth
According to the manufacturers, Tokyo beer lends an 'authentic taste of bohemian street culture to staid social occasions'.

A spokesman said: "It means you can punch fellow guests who get on your tits, because afterwards you can just blame the drink. And chances are you won't remember doing it anyway."

Jennie Hargreaves, a public relations consultant from Hatfield, said: "I serve Tokyo at all my parties and the guests soon become too incoherent to have the same old boring conversations about school fees and the Booker Prize.

"By the time I bring out the tiramisu someone's usually got a dessert fork in their eye. That sort of thing used to really bother me, but these days I'm just too pissed to care."

Tom Logan, an architect from Finsbury Park, said: "I was at a housewarming in an executive apartment building. The Tokyo was flowing freely and this lawyer starts on about school fees.

"I'm like, 'I couldn't give a fuck about your fucking school fees, kid are all bastards anyways', and then I hit him with a chair, fell backwards through a table and soiled myself.

"Then they threw me out and I was all covered in blood and glass and I was crying a lot. But then I remembered I'd snuck a couple of bottles into my coat. I was so chuffed that I spent the rest of the evening sitting in a bus shelter, muttering to myself."

He added: "Tokyo is certainly well-crafted with an intruiging palate - but more importantly it's a fantastic ice breaker.

"If only it wasn't so moreish, I probably wouldn't be sleeping in a public toilet."


Barry (Adeptus) said...

Brilliant! Although it doesn't usually take much for people to want to hit lawyers with furniture...

Anonymous said...

I presume you realise that the Daily Mash is an ironic blog site for humorous effect?

I also note that you have basically just copied their blog and made a small comment on it without really adding anything, or to put it another way, infringed their copyright.

Pete said...

Hi there, Anon!

Are you feeling OK? Are you operating on some deep, deep level of irony here with your comment or are you just a bit odd?

I promise you I realise DM is a news satire website - I do have an IQ in three figures. Every now and again they comment on beer and without fail it skewers the issue with brilliant insight.

As for repeating their copy... there's this thing called the internet, right? And it's full of content. And often, people who put content on it want that content to be seen by people. So there's a little custom that's grown up around passing on great stuff. It's called sharing. It's sociable. It's what friendly people do.

By putting a link to the DM site and giving them full credit, I was hopefully sending them more traffic. That way they get more views - we call them 'hits' on the interweb - and they can get more money from advertisers. I doubt they mind too much about me infringing their copyright in this way. I just wanted to share something funny. And it really didn't need any more than a very brief comment from me - anything else would have distracted from it - or even perhaps made it look like I was trying to do something other than simply share their content among my readers, some of whom may not have been aware of it.

Are you following this, or shall I try to explain again without using long words like 'explain'?

Sid Boggle said...

My brane hurtz...

I'm a lawyer and I approve of Barry's message.

Anonymous said...

With your amazing IQ of 101 you ought to realise that this is still copyright theft. The internet works by hyperlinks, not by merely copying content from one page to another.

Anonymous said...

I was going to troll your blog with some irritating and essentially valueless comment about copyright theft; but then realised I have a life, and anyway some cameron had already beat me to it.

Anonymous said...

This anon business is fun look I can say "wee" and even "tomato" and nobody knows who I am. I just made some rude gestures at the screen but that wasn't that much fun the pale glow of the screen just reflected my image back at me I really do need to tidy up.. anyway where was I, oh yes copyright yeah that's really may favourite thing that is apart from string now if only there was a blog about string. I love string, balls of string, twine, cord, that hairy stuff that's made from cactuses oh and of course cheese string, cheese string is my favourite they say you shouldn't eat it every day but i don't care I love cheese string ,string, string,string, copyright, string, string

Stonemog said...

I have an IQ in 3 figures too - ok, so two of them come after a decimal point.

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