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What's new?

What's new?
Pledges for my new beer book - Miracle Brew - are now closed. Book is out 1st June and available for pre-order here.
I've been accused of attacking cask ale. Here's what I actually wrote - decide for yourselves.
News about my next books!

Consumer Press

I’ve been published in newspapers including The Guardian, Independent, Times and Mail on Sunday, and occasionally in magazines including Fire & Knives, All About Beer, Word, Q, The Idler, Radio Times and Waitrose Kitchen Magazine. Here is a collection of links to the pieces that are available online.

Beer: the drink Tuscan food has been waiting for
19th November 2014
In September 2014 I was given the chance to spend a week exploring the Tuscan craft beer scene. Here's my take on what happens when you introduce beer for the first time to a culture celebrated for food and wine.

Surviving being over-entertained
17th November 2010
Contemplations on the hangover.

Mythbusting the IPA
1st November 2009
Some of the things I learned on my sea voyage to India with a barrel of India Pale Ale

Blind eyes, bribes and beer on the high seas
1st November 2009
More reflections, this time of a personal nature, on my IPA voyage.

Burton-on-Trent - the world's most important beer town
1st March 2007
A trip around the legendary, inspiring and often frustrating spiritual home of British beer.

Burton beers today
1st March 2007
A sidebar to the above piece tasting some of Burton's traditional brews.

Rounds and reciprocity
1st November 2005
Don't become known as dave-who-never-buys-his-round.

Why are pub landlords in low spirits?
29th March 2014
In a recent survey, publicans and bar managers came bottom out of 278 different professions listed in order of happiness. Here's why.

In Britain, beer is much more than just a drink
22nd March 2013
A look at the history of beer legislation in the UK following George Osborne’s decision to axe the Beer Duty Escalator in the 2013 budget.

Britain's bingeing on beer! Actually, it's not
23rd March 2012
Attacking the media’s biased, inaccurate representation of Britain’s supposed drink problem.

Traditional cider polishes its apples
24th February 2012
First part of a look at the cider revival

A short guide to British cider
24th February 2012
Second part of a look at the cider revival

Cider around the world
24th February 2012
Third part of a look at the cider revival.

On the apple sauce
23rd September 2011
A craft cider trail of new England

Atlantic sailing holidays
13th June 2009
My experience crossing the Atlantic on a tall ship as part of Hops and Glory.

Fifty Best Beers
10th August 2012
I contributed a few to this round-up

Cask ale, ancient and modern
27th March 2010
A potted history of beer

Cask ale: as British as the Royal Family
Appreciation of our national drink, which is helping keep pubs alive.

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More power to your Elbow
20th October 2011
I get to interview my favourite band about a beer they brewed!

Local hero: Nick Otley
15th July 2010
Profile of the Welsh craft brewer

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