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What's new?

What's new?
Pledges for my new beer book - Miracle Brew - are now closed. Book is out 1st June and available for pre-order here.
I've been accused of attacking cask ale. Here's what I actually wrote - decide for yourselves.
News about my next books!

London Loves Business

The latest London and business news. Economic and political analysis, business advice and entrepreneur interviews. My fortnightly musings on the capital’s beer, cider and pubs provide a bit of light relief.

Brown's beer: Why the London Beer Flood is the strangest tragedy in London's history23rd October 2014
Commemorating the bicentenary of the Meux Brewery disaster.

Brown's beer: Why Guinness is late to the craft beer party15th October 2014
Desperate disappointment from the new move into interesting beer by the global giant.

Brown's beer: Why beer (and NOT wine) goes with everything5th September 2014
Wonderful high-end beer and food matching experiences.

Brown's beer: All you need to know about London's biggest celebration of beer
1st August 2014
The first ever London beer week comes to town.

Brown's beer: In praise of lager
8th August 2014
The amber nectar has its place.

Why politicians love beer
27th June 2014
The cynical and often hilarious attempts by those in power to get down with the people.

Brown's Beer: Why you have to embrace summer festivals
23rd May 2014
It's London. It's summer. All life is here to enjoy.

Brown's beer: And the award for the best drinks producer goes to....15th May 2014
Reflections on judging the 2014 BBC Food and Farming Awards

Brown's beer: Why Britain’s drinking problem has been significantly overstated
24th April 2014
The media finally admits that binge drinking is declining, not increasing.

Brown's beer: How mainstream is craft beer?
4th April 2014
More thoughts on what craft beer is, or can be, after being disappointed by the launch of Marston's 'Revisionist' range.

Brown's beer: Beer and pub's £22bn contribution to UK economy & that awkward Grant Shapps tweet
25th March 2014
#ToryBingo, beer and the little people.

Brown's beer: Why cider is the world's most misunderstood drink (part two) 
7th March 2014
It's not just the big producers misrepresenting what good cider can be.

Brown's beer: Why cider is the world's most misunderstood drink (part two) 
6th March 2014
Do you drink cider? Then you're almost certainly being misled about what's really in your glass.

Brown's beer: Why expensive beers are way better than pricey wines
31st January 2014
How much is too much for a decent beer?

Brown's beer: Why I don't subscribe to anti-alcohol hysteria this January
16th January 2014
Trying to cut through the nonsense surrounding 'Dry January'

Brown's beer: The bitter truth about Britain's pub economy
6th December 2014
Having a go at the big PubCos

Brown's beer: Cheers to James Morgan for reviving the 300-year-old Truman's Brewery
3rd October 2013
The rebirth of a legendary London beer, the ongoing revival of business in Hackney Wick.

Brown's beer: Fuller's are doing it for London, guv’nor – even in train stations!
4th July 2013
How the Parcel Yard in King’s Cross flies the flag for London’s biggest brewer.

Brown's beer: Westminster Council are heartless morons
6th November 2012
More shenanigans from the London council that hates pubs.

Brown's beer: brew pubs, pizzerias and grafitti
31st July 2012
The launch of Crate in Hackney Wick

Brown's beer: Seasonal beers
14th December 2011
The great tradition of Christmas ales. 

Brown's beer: real ale is cool
November 2011
Like it says: it is. Cool people say so.

Brown's beer: London's bubbling brewing industry
23rd September 2011
Micros booming in the capital

Brown's Beer: the pub is dead. Long live the pub
22nd August 2011
Knackered boozers re-open as craft beer pubs.

Brown's Beer: why I write about beer
22nd August 2011
My first column - a bit of a manifesto

More to be added...

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