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What's new?

What's new?
Pledges for my new beer book - Miracle Brew - are now closed. Book is out 1st June and available for pre-order here.
I've been accused of attacking cask ale. Here's what I actually wrote - decide for yourselves.
News about my next books!

The Publican's Morning Advertiser

The leading trade press title for the British pub trade. I write a fortnightly opinion column.

A Lesson in UK Pub Etiquette
3rd December 2014
How a chat with an American journalist led me to some home truths about part-time pub drinkers.

Changing of the Beer Guard
24th November 2014
Reflections on judging the third Brussels Beer Challenge

Celebrating a fruitful cause
6th November 2014
Enjoying Apple day at the excellent Salutation Inn, Gloucestershire. 

Big Boys Hit the Craft Beer Trail
22nd October 2014
Reflections on helping Carlsberg - yes, Carlsberg - sell an interesting range of great beers.

Hop to it - get planting
9th October 2014
The possible rebirth of the British hop industry on the global stage.

A new sense of hope and purpose around pubs
10th September 2014
Pubs are the most common Asset of Community Value (ACV) but what does that actually imply?

Forget the debates, let's just drink good beer
22nd August 2014
The 2014 Great British Beer Festival

Learn to be a bit more (Brew)Dog
30th July 2014
Visiting the new BrewDog bar in Sheffield, and noting how good these guys are at what they do.

The beer world is like a big family
16th July 2014
Drama at the first Thornbridge Peakender.

The drive for profit is killing pubs
3rd July 2014
The scandal of the closure of the Black Lion in Bayswater - because £700,000 profit a year is not enough for some greedy, venal bastards.

Not the time to be unclear about cask beer
24th June 2014
Why there's still a lot of work to do training pubs about cask beer.

Dismiss craft beer at your peril
11th June 2014
Only twats think craft beer is just a hipster thing.

My round... what you having?
20th May 2014
Why do we choose the drinks we drink?

Beer and music simply belong together
7th May 2014
How music and flavour interact.

Don't be scared of niche beer
25th April 2014
Craft beer is not always as 'difficult' as you might think.

Speak up if you're suffering
11th April 2014
The shocking pressures publicans face can sometimes be too much.

Ham is where the heart is for dynamic duo
28th March 2014
Friends of Ham in Leeds: simple perfection.

The trade is alive and kicking
18th March 2014
How do you reconcile the most exciting time ever for good beer with the desperate circumstances facing British pubs?

Happy Tenth Birthday, £21bn alcohol estimate!
28th February 2014
Why the figure that is routinely trotted out by anti-alcohol campaigners and routinely accepted by the media is a load of old shite.

The US sure has a thirst for cider
13th February 2014
Reflections from CiderCon in Chicago - the American cider industry's national conference.

Wetherspoons Motorway Pub a PR own-goal for the pub industry
31st January 2014
Spoons gives free ammo to anti-pub campaigners

Why my dry January makes me publican enemy No 1
17th January 2014
When I don't want to drink, I still want to go to pubs.

'Tis the season of good beer
5th December 2013
Why don't we make more of seasonal beers? Especially at Christmas?

The Alma Eviction: A community's heart is broken
21st November 2013
What it looks like when Enterprise Inns evicts a licensee from a pub.

How pubs can seize the day
7th November 2013
The pub versus the coffee shop and marketing myopia

The craft at the core of cider
25th October 2013
Why pubs need to discover premium cider styles from around the world.

Mancs for the Memories
15th October 2013
J W Lees uses Madchester iconography to launch its new pale ale.

Why cask ale is the foundation of a great pub offer
4th October 2013
A summary of the findings from the 2013 Cask Report.

The Good Pub Guide does pubs a great disservice
6th September 2013
A response to the claim that 4000 pubs are due to close – and not before time

(Beer) Gardens of Earthly Delight
23rd August 2013
Why we shouldn't be scornful of 'al fresco' drinking.

Let there be beer campaign is a reminder to celebrate all beer
29th July 2013
Cautious welcome for an industry wide ad campaign.

Ten out of ten for Acorn Brewery
15th July 2013
Celebrating the Barnsley brewer's tenth anniversary.

The Paradox of Premium Fruit Ciders
1st July 2013
They're neither premium, fruit nor cider (I got into trouble for writing this one!)

A tough gig with the nutty boys
21st June 2013
Mt nightmare trying to wrangle Madness launching a beer.

Why Bruce is a Bonus for beer
3rd June 2013
On (a brewery) tour with Iron Maiden lead singer.

Avoid the gloom, hail the pubs
20th May 2013
Why endless whingeing won't halt pub closures.

Forget the feuds, love the beer
6th May 2013
Craft beer is great. So is real ale. can't we all just get along?

Embracing new ideas with Brains Brewery
22nd April 2013
How a Welsh brewing institution is embracing craft beer.

Fighting the new evil of binge drinking scare stories
9th April 2013
Rebutting yet more fatuous, wilfully misleading anti-drink propaganda

No, cider is NOT the new beer
25th March 2013
There's room for both to thrive. 

A watching brief at the beer Oscars
11th March 2013
Reporting on the International Brewing Awards in Burton on Trent

Salvation through beer innovation
20th February 2013
How I inadvertently became the Innovation Police.

Much more to be added...

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